Manta Lab Us Full Slip Steelbook

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WEA, Exclusive Steelcase designed by Manta Lab features "Full Glossy" Finish and "Debossed" Title. 

- Full Slip : Scratch Resistance Coating + Glossy + Embossing

- Booklet (Full Size)

- Postcards (4ea)

- Character Cards (4ea)

- Envelope

No. of Disc: 2 (Region: A, B, C) 
Language: English
Audio Specifications:

4K - English Dolby Atmos; French European, Hungarian, Italian Dolby Digital Plus 7.1; Polish (Voiceover) Dolby Digital 5.1

2D - English Dolby Atmos; Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish Dolby Digital Plus 7.1; Thai Dolby Digital 5.1


4K - English SDH, Cantonese, Complex Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French European, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish

2D - English SDH, Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, Complex Mandarin, Indonesian, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Thai

Special Feature: The Monsters Within Us, Tethered Together: Making Us Twice, Redefining a Genre: Jordan Peele’s Brand of Horror, The Duality of Us, Becoming Red,  Scene Explorations [Play All - Seven Second Massacre / It's a Trap / I Just Want My Little Girl Back], Deleted Scenes [Play All - I Am Not Even Near You / Rabbit Season / That's Badass / Driftwood / The P is Silent / I Wanna Go Home], We're All Dying, As Above, So Below: Grand Pas de Deux
Color: Color
Capacity: UHD66+BD50